Yelp Review #24: Back and knee pain

Munchausen B.

Irvine, CA
5 star rating

I’ll be back.

So my back gave out. My primary care physician (who could be a poster child for why we need healthcare reform) prescribed some pain killers and bed rest. But for a young, virile, active, good looking man like me, bed rest just wasn’t going to cut it. A friend of mine recommended Anna, so I decided to check her out. Now, I am pretty skeptical person (actually, other have called me cynical, or even -hi mom- a jerk), so I went in with pretty low expectations. But lo and behold, within minutes of the first pin prick, my back pains subsided. I have no explanation for this (as I do for zombies and leprechauns), but it works. She was also able to help me with my knee problems (ok, maybe I’m not so young, virile and active), and even helped me with my concentration when I was reviewing for a big test. She’s really my go-to person for pain management/relief. I recommended her to my boss, and she did wonders for his various aches and pains. Yes, I’m still waiting for that raise.

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