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March 18, 2011


Hello Practice Members & Friends!


I sent out an email letting everyone know that until the end of March, 50% of all herbs purchased at regular price and 5% of all acupuncture paid for at regular rate will go toward donations to Japan, specifically through the American Red Cross.  If anyone would prefer I donate through a different organization, I will read through that organization’s mission and donate there instead if I feel that the mission is truthworthy.  Thank you for your consideration.


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Yelp Review #43


I have only been going to Anna for about five sessions now and already I am sure I will be sticking with her for years to come. Her care, kindness, and expertise have already proved to be a huge blessing in my life. I have never trusted any healthcare practitioner so immediately and easily. These first few weeks has been intense for me but I know I’m in good hands and it’s all for the purpose of my healing.

Anna has a way of making you feel secure, cared for and respected — and you will even find her frequently thanking you for coming to see her; a testament to her balanced nature and her clear understanding that it takes two to tango in this world of health and healing.

I, myself, am about to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and am so happy to have found a practitioner I can look up to and work with throughout the next 5-6 years of my rigorous education and growth in learning. I have a feeling she is going to be a saving grace for me through the many remarkable and challenging times I may face during my training over these next few years.

I cannot sing Anna’s praises enough and it has only been a few weeks. I can only imagine what great things I’ll have to say about her in a few years, as I plan on working with her for that long and beyond.



Here’s a picture to make you smile.

Anais was very proud of Angilynn’s performance at her first play!





For almost two years, I was experiencing panic attacks. Not every day, and never for more than an hour or two at a time, but my stress level would build to a point that I would not be functional. I would feel closed in and just shut down emotionally. I really didn’t need much of anything to set it off either – sometimes just the fear that I was going to have a panic attack caused one! Previous to this, I had always been a strong, calm person, someone able to handle anything thrown my way, so this was a big change for me.


I came to Anna for treatment of other issues, but I did mention this problem to her in our first conversation and in the initial paperwork. Anna treated this issue through acupuncture, of course, but she also talked to me about it, and would give me “homework” exercises – basically different thoughts and phrases to repeat to myself at home that would help with the process. The amount of genuine care and concern that she has always given me through the treatments or through a conversation or email is what sets her apart. Anna is not only a skilled acupuncturist, she is a warm and caring person that truly wants to help all of her patients to be free of pain, both physical and emotional.


Now, almost 9 months after starting treatments, I can’t believe the difference. It was a gradual progression, and I can’t say that I never feel stress anymore – I am human after all! But I don’t have that same “closed in” feeling, and I am able to work through it. I haven’t had a panic attack in over 2 months, and when I do experience stress, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it. Before I started my acupuncture treatments, I had tried meditation, anti-anxiety pills, even taking a leave of absence from work to alleviate the panic attacks – nothing helped. But now, through my acupuncture treatments, I feel like my old self again. I know that everyone is different, but I couldn’t be happier with my results. I highly recommend acupuncture treatments.




Let this picture remind us to not take life too seriously.

Whatever challenges you are experiencing at this moment will come to pass.

I encourage you to feel like you did when you were 6 years old; when you felt invincible…when everything was possible.


“I can have, be and do anything I want to have, be and do.”




Pre-Surgical Care


I wanted to finally write a testimonial for all the help that I have received. I first started acupuncture treatments with Anna in June 2010. Before this, I had never had any experience with acupuncture, and while I was open-minded, I didn’t know what to expect. I had just been diagnosed with inflammation of the gallbladder, and I was concerned that I would have to have surgery. Unfortunately, my condition was too acute to prevent surgery altogether at that point.  I had never had any kind of surgery before, and I was very nervous about it. I came in for treatments twice a week, and then had four treatments the week before the surgery.


Checking in to the hospital on the morning of the surgery, I was surprisingly calm about the whole situation. I should mention that another condition that Anna is helping me with is anxiety, so the fact that I was so calm is no small feat. In our treatments leading up to my surgery, Anna and I had talks about my nervousness in anticipation of the surgery. She told me that she was working on that with the treatments, and it really did seem to help a lot. Even my family noticed that I seemed very calm and focused.

The recovery phase was the most pleasant surprise. My doctors had told me to expect pain for about a week after surgery, and that I should be on pain medicine for about that amount of time. Further, I would need to stay the night in the hospital, and it would be best for me to try to get on my feet and walk at some point in that first evening, if I was able.


Well, I was on my feet within an hour of being wheeled out of recovery, and walking laps around my hospital floor an hour after that. The nurses were very pleased and very surprised at my level of progress. I was almost released that evening due to my expedited progress, but the doctor wasn’t on hand to sign the release papers until the next morning. And instead of being on pain meds for a week, I was off of the medication within 2 days. I could have probably been off the medication on my first day out of the hospital, but I couldn’t believe that my pain level was so low. I was worried that as soon as I stopped taking the medication that I would be in immense pain, but that wasn’t the case at all.


During my recovery, especially that first night, I kept thinking that I was so glad that I had the acupuncture treatments beforehand – there is no other explanation as to why I exceeded everyone’s expectations in getting better. I still receive acupuncture Anna for a few other issues, and she has helped me in many ways. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Anna to friends or family.





If this picture doesn’t make you smile,

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My goal for you today is to smile from ear to ear.

Miracles happen when you start doing that for 8+ hours a day.




Herbs in stock as of March 17, 2011


The functions next to the herbal formula are EXAMPLES of what the formula may be good for.  The formulas may also have other functions that I use for my patients’ healthcare needs.  You must be a CURRENT ACUPUNCTURE PATIENT TO RECEIVE HERBS.  A proper Chinese medical examination, diagnosis and treatment protocol are required for me to prescribe and dispense herbal formulas.  All formulas are given with quality control.  Modern formulas are dispensed with western/eastern medical explanations.

Adrenoplex – premature aging; patients who are burned out; diminished sexual and physical functions 2

Arm Support


Back Support Acute – acute low back pain from sports or traumatic injuries; may be with inflammation, swelling or redness

Back Support Chronic – chronic low back pain; slow recovery from back injuries; back pain due to osteoporosis

Back Support HD

Balance Heat – perimenopausal symptoms; night sweats, hot flashes


C/R Support – side effects from chemo/radiation

Calm – PMS, stress, mood swings, anxiety, nervousness

Calm ES

Calm Jr – ADD/ADHD; childhood convulsions 2
Calm ZZZ – chronic and constant stress

Circulation (SJ)


Cordyceps 3 (2) [     Chronic immune deficiency

[      Chronic fatigue syndrome

[      Sexual/reproductive dysfunction

[      Respiratory dysfunction

[      Chronic trachitis

[      Allergic rhinitis

[      Kidney impairment

[      Tinnitus

[      Arrhythmia

[      Hyperlipidemia


[      Enhances energy and increases the basal metabolism 1,2,3,4

[      Increases sperm count and sperm motility 5,6,7,8

[      Improves kidney and ear function 9,10,11,12,13,14

[      Prevents and treats respiratory disorders 15,16,17,18,19,20,21

[      Prevents and treats elevated cholesterol levels 22,23,24,25

[      Prevents and treats cardiovascular disorders, such as arrhythmia and high blood pressure 26,27,28,29

[      Stimulates the immune system to fight against cancer 30,31,32,33,


Corydalin [      Various kinds of headaches (according to western medicine): sinus, orbital, tension or migraine headaches

Dermatrol (HZ) – (R.F.) [      Shingles (herpes zoster)

[      Shingles with skin lesions and nerve pain


[      Antiviral effect to shorten the duration and suppress the severity of shingles

[      Analgesic effect to relieve pain

[      Anti-inflammatory effect to reduce inflammation
Dissolve GS –  gallbladder and bile duct inflammation; gallstones; severe sharp epigastric pain
Dissolve KS – kidney stones

Equilibrium – diabetes mellitus (POWDER & capsules 2)

Flex CD
Flex GT – gout
Flex Heat – arthritis; gout; rheumatic disorders

Gastrodia Complex – hypertension
Gentle Lax Deficient – constipation; colon cleanser 3
GI Care – ulcers; acid reflux 2
GI Care II – traveler’s diarrhea; gastroenteritis 2

GI Care HMR – hemorrhoids
GI Care UC – ulcerative colitis
GI Harmony – irritable bowel syndrome

GI Tonic (2)
Herbal DRX – edema; feeling of heaviness in body

Herbalite – obesity with excess appetite; constant craving for food; weight gain  (POWDER)


Immune + (5 capsules/1 powder) Weak or compromised immune system

[      Frequent bacterial or viral infections, such as common colds and/or influenza

[      Prolonged recovery period from bacterial or viral infections

[      Cancer patients with weakened immune systems from radiation or chemotherapy treatment

[      HIV/AIDS patients with weakened immune systems 7

[      Individuals with no significant complaints, but desire to enhance their immunity


[      Enhances the immune system: increases white blood cell count 1,2,3,8,9,10,11,14,15,16

[      Anticancer activity: inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Use as an immune supportive therapy for patients receiving radiation or chemotherapy. 5,6,8,12,13

[      Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria 7

[      Boosts energy and vitality
Knee & Ankle Acute – pain
Knee  & Ankle Chronic


Liver DTX – liver damage with high levels of SGPT and SGOT, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis; addiction: detoxifies liver during alcohol, drug or smoking cessation (3)

Lonicera Complex2

[      Bacterial infections: bronchitis, pneumonia

[      Mild throat infections: sore throat


[      Herbal antibiotic: treats both viral and bacterial infections 1,2,3,5,6

[      Antiviral properties: reduces the severity and duration of viral infections 1,3,10

[      Antibacterial properties: reduces the severity and duration of bacterial infections 1,2,4,9

[      Enhances the immune system


Magnolia Clear Sinus [      Sinusitis and/or rhinitis

[      Sinus pain and headache

[      Seasonal allergies, especially in the winter and spring

[      General nasal problems, such as stuffy nose, sneezing, loss of smell, clear watery nasal discharge, etc.


[      Constricts the vessels in the nasal mucosa to treat sinusitis and rhinitis 1,2,

[      Reduces nasal mucous secretions

[      Desensitizes the patients from allergens to prevent seasonal allergies 1


Migatrol[      Migraine headache: acute and chronic

[      Tension headache: acute and chronic

[      Cluster headache: acute and chronic


[      Analgesic action to relieve pain 1,2,3,4,7,8,9

[      Anti-inflammatory influence to reduce inflammation 1,2,3,5,9

[      Treats various types of headaches


Neck and shoulder acute
Neck and Shoulder (chronic)
Neuroplus – Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; MS; post-stroke


Nourish (powder, capsule)


Pinellia XPT – Respiratory tract infection with profuse yellow or green sputum, and post-nasal drip
Polygonum 14 – hair loss; premature graying


Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang


Respitrol Heat [      Respiratory disorders with heat manifestations

[      Common cold or flu with fever, thick yellow nasal discharge, and/or cough

[      Wheezing and dyspnea with a choking sensation, coughing with chest distention, fever, irritability, flushed face, and yellow sputum

[      Pneumonia, pertussis, or respiratory tract infections with heat manifestations, such as cough, chest distention, fever and yellow sputum


[      Bronchodilating effect that relaxes the bronchial muscles and relieves spasms 1

[      Antitussive and expectorant function to stop cough and eliminate sputum and phlegm

[      Antipyretic action to reduce fever and body temperature 14

Resolve AI – inflammation/infection with swelling
Resolve Lower – fibroids; benign tumors in uterus/ovaries


Respitrol CF [      Cough

[      Cough with associated symptoms such as sputum, chest congestion, wheezing and dyspnea

[      Cough from acute conditions, such as common cold, influenza and lung infection

[      Chronic cough induced by various conditions, such as infection, drugs, smoking and others

[      Cough in tuberculosis or cancer of the lung


[      Antitussive effect to suppress cough

[      Expectorant effect to eliminate phlegm and reduce congestion

[      Bronchodilating effect to relieve wheezing and dyspnea

[      Antibiotic effect to treat cough with infection


Respitrol Cold


Respitrol Deficient – 2 [      Chronic respiratory disorders characterized by a weak or deficient body constitution

[      Chronic breathing problems such as chronic asthma, bronchitis, and pulmonary emphysema

[      General symptoms and signs of deficiency including shortness of breath characterized by difficulty in inhalation but normal exhalation, wheezing and shortness of breath that becomes worse with physical exertion, snoring sounds in the throat due to phlegm accumulation, low-pitched rhonchi, audible wheezes, frail cough with sputum, dry throat, aversion to wind, spontaneous sweating, red cheeks, red tongue with scanty coating, and a thready-rapid pulse.


[      Anti-asthmatic effect that treats asthma and relieves wheezing and dyspnea 1,10,11

[      Antitussive and expectorant functions which stop cough and eliminate sputum and phlegm


Respitrol Heat – heat type cold/flu

Si Jun Zi Tang

Shine – depression

Symmetry – Bell’s Palsy; facial paralysis; TMJ


Thyrodex – Grave’s Disease; hyperthyroidism
Thyro-Forte – hypothyroidism 2
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
Traumanex – sports injuries, broken bones/fractures, post-surgical recovery, pain


Vital Essence


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